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Pictorial poetry by Katerina Grolliou.

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Images and symbols merge in Katerina's new thematic collection, unfolding their narration into Autumn and Winter at Grollio Art Store.

Spring-Summer 2010

Symbols and colours merge in a creative dance through Katerina’s jewellery, unfolding their narration into the spring and summer of 2010 at Grollio Art Store.


Groletter is Katerina Grolliou's regular newsletter.




The atelier of Katerina Grolliou has been the “source” of her works since 1987.
There, she personally produces her own creations, all handmade, which bear her individual seal and touch. Each design comes out in a single piece. Where more items are reproduced from the same design (as with the good-luck charms of the year), they are invariably not identical, as they are still hand-made.

Katerina draws inspiration from anything that may move her. A lot of her art is based on a study of the culture and civilization of the Ionian Islands (Eptanisos) and of Cyprus, often resembling museum exhibits. Such works are rendered in a figurative approach, while other works may bear a figurative or abstract slant.

Each line of jewellery, microsculpture and gifts or objets d’art is directly linked with a series of paintings and relates to her poetry, emerging through one of her collections. Collections do not “expire” as the artist continues to add new works sparked by the same core essence.

Depending on the design, Katerina’s jewellery, microsculpture and gifts are based on mixed media techniques. The artist uses pure silver which she may combine with stone, wood, glass, bronze, copper, aluminium and semiprecious (usually unprocessed) gems, to name but a few of the materials she employs.

Katerina views painting as yet another expression of her 3-D creations; hence, her works bear a very distinct spatial character, nurturing painting in sculpture or sculpture in painting.

The artist also favours mixed media techniques in her painting. Setting out with watercolour, Katerina blends charcoal, pastel, pen-and-ink, acrylic, and enamel with collage, employing a host of materials which are usually painted over to become fully integrated into the artwork.

Atelier GROLLIO has its own showroom which is open during the artist’s exhibitions or by appointment.
Every December, the Atelier hosts Katerina’s annual exhibition of new works for about two weeks.

Katerina Grolliou sees her atelier as the abode of her soul.


Orders for corporate gifts or club memorabilia based on the artist’s designs may be accepted, subject to arrangements. The time required ranges from 3 to 6 months and depends on the actual design and size of the order, as well as on Katerina’s commitments at the particular time in terms of prior orders or upcoming exhibitions.

Wedding wreaths are available at GrollioArtStore or may be ordered. For orders please refer to the designs at www.grollio.com and allow about three months for delivery.


Good-luck Charms for the New Year

"Beacons of symbols"

Beacons of symbols
Bestowed a breath of life to silver
Shedding their light
On ancient traces in memory paths.
The wand of Creation
New symbols devises
As talismans and fortune keys
For the dawning year.
(by Katerina Grolliou)

Every year Katerina Grolliou brings out her good-luck charms in different designs depicting symbols in concrete or abstract forms. Each motif bears the new-year on the reverse.
All motifs come in pendants and some are also available in key-rings. They are all handmade in pure silver by Katerina.
Production is limited to 20 – 40 pieces per motif.
Orders may be accepted for larger quantities of a particular motif but would have to be placed by the end of August for delivery to be effected within about two months. The next year’s good-luck charms are shown at GrollioArtStore in July.
The good-luck charms for 2010 come in 7 different designs, all available in pendants; 5 are also available in key-rings.
They are: “Wreath”, “Wheel”, “Boat”, “Pomegranate”, “Dinar”, “Helm”, “Hidden Picture”.
Pendants come with a black silk-texture braid, dark red trimming, organdie, glass stones in dark red and silver, and a red Christmas tassel.
Key-rings have motifs in pure silver and rings in silver-plated ironwork. They also come with a dark red Christmas tassel.

Orders may not be accepted for the individual reproduction of products that have been sold, with the exception of wedding wreaths and larger orders which would again, however, be subject to arrangements.