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Pictorial poetry by Katerina Grolliou.

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Images and symbols merge in Katerina's new thematic collection, unfolding their narration into Autumn and Winter at Grollio Art Store.

Spring-Summer 2010

Symbols and colours merge in a creative dance through Katerina’s jewellery, unfolding their narration into the spring and summer of 2010 at Grollio Art Store.


Groletter is Katerina Grolliou's regular newsletter.


Katerina Grolliou’s biomorphism employs forms of nature to produce very animate yet figurative compositions in her jewellery. Her fantasy remoulds organic prototypes in a free and creative approach, highlighting the natural character of each element. This is what perhaps preserves intact the traces of biotic experience in her natural forms. Katerina Grolliou’s jewellery shows great originality and its surrealistic texture brings it within the broader context of modern perception.
Stelios Lidakis
Curator of the Museum of the City of Athens (Vourou-Eftaxia Foundation)

Katerina Grolliou is a genuine example of an “emotional” artist. She tames her material, not so much with her industry and her technique, but rather with a moulding gesture that springs from her soul, the magical motion of her senses and a profound necessity. The playful forms, the elaborate design, the layout and presentation add an indisputable originality to the works of Katerina Grolliou, a personal expression and charm. Katerina Grolliou’s world of jewellery enriches the jewel-making tradition of our times and of our country.
Thymios Panourgias
Professor Emeritus, Athens School of Fine Arts

Katerina Grolliou’s works have something familiar, yet so distinct. They bring out in relief Katerina’s multifaceted nature and bear her very individual trait. Spiritualized fragments from the shores of the legend of her own Ithaca transform to creations that entwine classical with modern forms. They blend in a wise and delicate balance of volume and colour to bring forth, through her intricate processing, sculpture, jewellery and painting in relief. Katerina’s work is highly evocative and profoundly emotive, emanating from her insatiable desire to produce bold and creative art.
Egisto Magni
Professor, Florence State School of Fine Arts

Katerina Grolliou designs and produces jewellery and sculpture using silver and semiprecious stones. Employing mixed media and techniques, she depicts in relief the adventures of her soul, with forms that emanate from a profound agitation. Her verse, abundant in emotion from its glowing source, complements her art. Wrought by the strength of the flame and the artist’s industry, daring and passion, silver can only yield and melt to transform, through diligent perseverance, to sculpted jewellery which reflects love, uniqueness and a vivid aesthetic appreciation. Lavish designs emerge in relief, ascetically or profusely. Katerina’s works are all handmade and unique, conveying their merit to the person who selects them, for they invariably seem to be made to custom.
Vivi Trifona