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Pictorial poetry by Katerina Grolliou.

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Images and symbols merge in Katerina's new thematic collection, unfolding their narration into Autumn and Winter at Grollio Art Store.

Spring-Summer 2010

Symbols and colours merge in a creative dance through Katerina’s jewellery, unfolding their narration into the spring and summer of 2010 at Grollio Art Store.


Groletter is Katerina Grolliou's regular newsletter.

Hector Grollios

Hector Grollios

Hector Grollios was born in Kerkyra (Corfu) in August 1922.
As a teenager he studied under the painter Stefanos Trivolis.
In 1940 he graduated from the Science Lyceum of Kerkyra and entered the Greek Military Academy.
In 1941 he took part as a Cadet in the Battle of Crete.
Because of his military action, in 1942 the Mussolini regime convicted him to life exile on the island of Ponza, Italy. He escaped after two years of imprisonment and spent nine months as a guerrilla fighter in the region of Formia – Monte Cassino during the great battle of Italy. He continued to fight for the Allies’ cause in Egypt.
He served as an officer of the Greek Army for 33 years and retired in June 1973 with the rank of Brigadier.
After retirement he resumed his study of art, which had started decades before in Kerkyra, and devoted his life to painting and book writing.
He has had numerous painting exhibitions and published nine books.




  • 1975 Group exhibition, Marios Vaianos Centre, Athens                                                      
  • 1976 Group exhibition, European Art Centre, Athens
  • 1977 Solo exhibition, Rotonda Gallery, Athens
  • 1977 Solo exhibition, The Readers’ Club, Corfu
  • 1977 Solo exhibition, Cephalonian Brotherhood, Piraeus
  • 1978 Solo exhibition, Morphou Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 1979 Solo exhibition, Army Officers’ Club, Athens
  • 1979 Group exhibition, Kyklos Gallery, Glyfada
  • 1979 Group exhibition, Logaro Gallery, Paros
  • 1980 Group exhibition, Art Hall, Corfu
  • 1980 Solo exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Corfu
  • 1980-1989 Solo exhibition every December at “GONIA”, Athens
  • 1.10.1987 – 30.2.1988 Decoration with paintings of the Greek Missionary Centre of Seoul, Korea
  • 1990 Group exhibition, War Museum, Athens
  • 1992 Solo exhibition, House of Cyprus, Athens
  • 2006 Solo exhibition in the Municipal Gallery, Art Café, Corfu



(In Greek; English translation of the titles in brackets)                                                                           

  • Γενεαλογικά Θέματα από την Αγία Γραφή [Genelogical Themes in the Holy Scripture], 1979
  • Μέγας Αλέξανδρος και Απόστολος Παύλος [Alexander the Great and Apostle Paul], 1979, 1984
  • Συντελεστές Πολιτισμού [Promoters of Culture], 1982
  • Σωτήριος Χατζόπουλος [Sotirios Hatzopoulos], Hellenic Genealogical Society, 1984
  • Ιεραποστολικές Προσπάθειες στην Κορέα [Missionary Projects in Korea], 1996
  • Μάλεμε [Maleme], 1991
  • Αλέξανδρος ο Μέγας [Alexander the Great], 1992
  • Οι Μεγάλες Ημέρες 1941 –1944 (Μάλεμε – Μόντε Κασσίνο) [The Great Days 1941-1944 (Maleme – Monte Cassino), 1994, 2000
  • Με τον Απόστολο Παύλο Οδεύοντας [On the Road with Apostle Paul], 1998


His works reflect an admirable sensibility which manages to capture the most subtle hues, while his landscape compositions are dominated by the sky and this makes for a fine feeling of euphoria.
Through his work, Grollios emerges sincere, vibrant and mild.
His painting is a distillation of faith, love and youthful enthusiasm – virtues which always promote the uplifting of oneself as well as of the others.
University Professor – Art Critic

It is evident from the very first that two powerful emotions govern the artist: his love for the sea and the sky, and his nostalgia for Kerkyra.
In many paintings the two tips of the old Castle rise with admirable clarity in the light as ageless symbols of the ancient land of Kerkyra.
His skies are brilliant and bathed in poetry, in the allegory of spiritual passion.
The final outcome is invariably a sense of uplifting which combines the most refined inspiration with the clear form of art and a brilliant colouring to reveal the true inner world of the artist.
One thing is certain about the paintings of Hector Grollios: they all offer joy, optimism and a deep enchantment of the gaze and the soul.

The skies in the paintings of Hector Grollios are a hymn to their endless beauty, his painted cry and yearning for freedom. This is his attempt to liberate the human soul from the hindrances, the difficulties of life; it is the flamboyant manifestation of his talent.

The painting of Hector Grollios is vibrant, sensitive and visionary.
Theatre Director