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Latest Interview (adapted in English)

#27 – March 2010

An on-line window to art
Katerina Grolliou
(adapted in English – text version)
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Grollio Art Store, a pioneer internet store offering unique artwork, introduces art lovers to Katerina Grolliou’s work.
By Nikos Kaimakamis

Katerina Grolliou is an exceptional case in the Greek art scene; she likes to keep up with technology and has set up her own e-artstore: Grollio Art Store (www.grollioartstore.com).
Chronos ORO interviewed the artist at her studio in Athens, where she turns her own designs into handmade art. All works are unique and even the few designs which are reproduced in more than one item are invariably not identical, thanks to the welcome “slip of the hand”.
Each line of jewellery, microsculpture and objets d’art forms a triptych that is directly linked with a series of paintings and relates to the artist’s poetry, emerging through one of her collections. Collections do not “expire” as the artist continues to add new works sparked by the same core essence.
Atelier GROLLIO has its own showroom, which is open by appointment.

What prompted you to set up an e-store?
Access and communication are freed of all limits and you can fly round the globe with no constraints. I was confined to showing and sharing my art within exhibition halls in Greece and abroad and in my studio in Athens. With Grollio Art Store I can share my work with people throughout the world. Apart from expanding my sales potential, my webstore allows me to have a permanent "exhibition" just about anywhere, worldwide. It’s pretty much like a “magical mystery tour”…
Presenting one’s work to the public tends to be an essential need for the artist, setting new goals and reasons to create and draw inspiration with greater ardour and enthusiasm.

How do you feel after the first few months since its operation?
I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people visited Grollio Art Store from the very first day. Seeing how an e-transaction works in practice, I came to appreciate how direct and easy it all becomes for buyer and seller alike. I was equally elated by the comments I received on my work and on Grollio Art Store’s functionality.

What inspires and influences you?
I draw inspiration from anything that stirs my interest, through reason or emotion. Tradition, nature, aesthetic trends and art movements, haphazard everyday scenes, all act as stimuli. Tradition-related motifs are mostly rendered in a figurative approach, while other works may bear an abstract slant.

What materials do you use and why?
For jewellery, microsculpture and objets d’ art I use mixed media techniques, mostly involving pure silver, often combined with stone, wood, bronze, copper and semiprecious gems. I see painting as yet another expression of my 3-D creations and, hence, most of my paintings are in relief. Again I tend to favour mixed media techniques. Setting out with watercolour, I blend charcoal, pastel, pen-and-ink, acrylic and enamel with collage, employing a host of materials which are usually painted over to become fully integrated into the artwork.

Apart from your work in microsculpture, painting and jewellery, you also write poetry. What attracts you to so many different forms of art?
I have to be alone and fully concentrated in order to let the chisel of my soul shape into form my need for expression. I feel that different forms of art are not independent but rather intertwine to supplement one another. I can thus realize my ideas in jewellery, microsculpture, painting, and poetry.

What are your future plans?
To keep “feeding” new work into my e-shop. To create and show my work at exhibitions. In the near future, to complete and present a new collection in microsculpture, jewellery, painting and poetry. I have also completed two books which I intend to have published, one in pictorial poetry and one in pictorial prose.

Curriculum vitae
Katerina Grolliou was born in Athens. She studied painting, microsculpture and jewellery design at the State School of Fine Arts in Florence and worked under the tutorship of the sculptor Magni Egisto. Katerina pursued her quests in art and jewellery in Paris and Seoul. In 1990 she founded her atelier in Athens, “Atelier GROLLIO”, where she designs and produces her own creations. Her website www.grollio.com presents her work from 1986 to the present. “Memory Paths”, her first book of pictorial poetry, was published in 2006 (EPSILON Publications). Katerina has shown her work in over 20 solo and 7 group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and Italy.

Photo captions
Unique creations in microsculpture and painting by artist Katerina Grolliou. Top: Katerina Grolliou in her atelier.
Katerina Grolliou’s creations may be seen and purchased at Atelier GROLLIO: her artwork includes, among other items, paintings, brooches, rings, necklaces and microsculpture. Bottom: Katerina Grolliou at work.