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Pictorial poetry by Katerina Grolliou.

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Images and symbols merge in Katerina's new thematic collection, unfolding their narration into Autumn and Winter at Grollio Art Store.

Spring-Summer 2010

Symbols and colours merge in a creative dance through Katerina’s jewellery, unfolding their narration into the spring and summer of 2010 at Grollio Art Store.


Groletter is Katerina Grolliou's regular newsletter.

You may visit all pages of www.grollioartstore.com but you may not make online purchases.

Featured Products

Translucent isles
Suns and moons
Little church
Dinar Tornesio
The ammonite's cries
Marine life
Two friends on their voyage
Queen of Sheba
Branches in moon's embrace


Welcome to our website.

Grollio Art Store offers unique creations in different forms of art .
In our site you will find a great variety of designs in artistic jewellery, paintings in relief, objects d’art, good-luck charms, wedding wreaths, microsculpture, and pictorial poetry and short story books.

All products (except those found in the section “Other Artists”) are designed and handmade by Katerina Grolliou and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Thank you for visiting Grollio Art Store.
Enjoy your visit!

Inspired by images and symbolism, Katerina Grolliou has produced a thematic series especially for this autumn and winter. Many of the items in this collection are already on special offer. New products will be added and offers will change regularly.

Invitation for our showcase (in Greek)